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Who and What is N7 Training?

Making a Positive

Here at N7 Training we are a small team of 3 and we ONLY work with Women over the age of 40. The reason is simple, WE UNDERSTAND! AND WE CAN HELP...

We get that you have gained excess weight and got unhealthy and it's not your fault. When all these other 100's of responsibilities get on top of you, its no surprise you can't fit in your old favourite dress or have as much energy as you used to have.


That why what we do is so great. No crazy diets, no need to spend hours in the gym each day. Only simple habits, coaching & training philosophies that has a proven record of success.

Personal trainer Cardiff

How to work with us...

Free Success Session

A 45 minute, 1-2-1 sit down with a member of our team. Where we share and teach you our best secrets to help you achieve success. FAST!

6 Week - Fit After 40 Programme

This is our most successful programme. Designed specifically for busy ladies over 40 who are desperate to drop a bit of weight. To look and feel great again!

The usual client will lose 6-12lb.


How to find us...

Telephone: 07802756344


Telephone: 07802756344

Unit A7, Papermill Industrial Estate, Paper Mill Road, Cardiff, CF11 8DH

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